A little update on how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting this little business...

Our ethos has always been a simple one.  We create products made almost entirely by hand using centuries old skills.  We put a fun, modern twist on traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Our product is not mass produced.  For example, in the case of our popular doormats... one person can only weave three per day.  It then takes one of the highly skilled ladies trained in finishing the edges almost a day to complete the process.  We are always looking for innovative ways to make the process quicker but often come back to the basic, tried and tested way, the most beautiful way, staying true to the ancient crafts we have adopted and adapted.

It is because of this we always have a limited output.  The business model we have adopted is one whereby we place regular orders depending on demand and these orders are placed often.  This ensures the villagers receive a regular, reliable income.  They rely on us and it terrifies me to think what will happen if this all does not end soon.

India is currently in complete lockdown.  On March 24, they received just 4 hours notice for the most severe lockdown measures taken anywhere in the world thus far.  Whilst people can work from home (and we're led to believe in some instances weave from their homes), the supply chains are shut down.  We have a lot of stock, much of which is being patiently waited for by our customers and stockists and I am wanting to place more orders for stock.

So back to us here in Australia.... most of our business is supplying the gorgeous little retail stores we are so lucky to have dotted all over the country.  We also export from Australia to the US, Asia and the Middle East.  A lot of these retail stores (in fact most) have temporarily closed their doors and are doing it tough.  A lot have put their stock online which is wonderful.

We also have a thriving online store here which we need to keep up and running.  What I ask of you is that if you've ordered something on preorder, it is sitting in India waiting to come here, the fastest way economically possible.  

Most importantly, I want to thank so many of you for supporting me.  You are not just supporting me, you're supporting so many people along the way from the weavers, the truck drivers, the logistics chain, to our warehouse staff in Sydney and so many more along the way.  

The world seems both bigger and smaller than ever.

With love, Delia Langdon


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