From the beginning to the very end, many hands go into producing one of our wares, so it is important to tell the story.

Our cotton is farmed near the border of Pakistan in Rajasthan, India where it’s brought a few hundred kilometres to be dyed and spun.

The dyeing process is done solely by eye with recipes that have been formulated over the years. Wether it’s cotton or wool, our dyers use their traditional process of heat and low impact dyes to get the perfect colour and fastness.Our coloured yarn is then spun using hand-powered winding machines to prepare the cotton and wool for the loom.

Designs are made into maps for the weavers to use as a guide. The maps and the coloured yarns are then taken out to the villages where the magic happens. Our weavers are incredibly talented and use traditional looms to create our contemporary patterns and designs

The woven rugs are then washed and finished and some are then sent off to the tailors down the road to be stitched into cushions and bags so that every step of the process is done by hand.

We have a connection to the people whose hands have created every piece of Langdon Ltd. Every step of the way from the farming to the cotton and wool being spun and dyed and then woven is done by hand utilising the traditions and expertise of artisans. We have made it a strong focus of ours to make sure that every piece is produced locally and that our supply chain is as simple and transparent as possible.

We hope that this transcends into peoples homes and lives.  xx

All videos created and edited by Philippa Newell. 


The Dyeing Process

The Spinning Process

The Weaving Process 




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